project - Fairy Tale


I choose this tale to symbolize the significant value that the tale of Little Red Riding Hood still has. 

It is a story of innocence and power, of being safe and vulnerable yet discovering the darker side of life.

I took this tale to make a connection with history where the masculine so often overpowered the feminine and has shaped a world based on greed and power. And even if today’s world is changing, this still continues because there is this grand heritage of masculine dominance, and the dedication towards material gain. Corporations overwhelmingly still want to gain wealth at all costs, oppressing nature, society, and individual happiness.

Little Red Riding Hood is the innocent child, the feminine heart, the joy and beauty in life that meets the calculated secretive masculine in the form of a wolf in business clothes.  The wolf stands for the corporate world, dominant and power focussed.

Here, Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf, who is smart enough to have hidden himself in a neutral" costume - the friendly business man. But the wolf wants her, wants her heart and innocence, wants to take the beauty for himself. She has never had a situation, a test like this before and is captured in the moment, not sure yet if she listens to her intuition, or to the words he is saying to seduce her mind to come with him. 

It is a classic tale still going strong today. 


“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.”
Hans Christian Andersen - Fairytales writer. 1850

Meeting or Confrontation?