The Wandmaker

I meet a lot of interesting people. But meeting a Wand Maker was new for me. At least in this life. 

Steven White is from a long lineage of magicians who are capable of blending into society as muggles. I knew when I met him he was something else. Whether its the creative abilities that give a hint of his magical nature or that twinkle in his eyes. For sure it was clear that he had not succumbed to the gravity of a TV addicted society, or to the loneliness of cubicles and fantasy less politics. No, he maintained his true nature in a multi layered existence and continued what he could do best: making wands for the magician community. 

I was invited into his unusual round shaped home and then into his depot and atelier. Here he creates, measures, infuses, and decorates the very best wands that Canada has to offer.

I was honoured to have been allowed into his domain and portray him, so his legacy may continue beyond this space and time.

Want to wave your wand and get things done?