A simple, natural light portrait. Excellent for website, social media, LinkedIn or resumé.

Tack sharp image made on location. Capture time 10-20 minutes, plus post production. Digitally delivered (1 to 7 days).

Excluding: hair/makeup artist if desired / travel costs if more than 25 km from Collingwood/Blue Mountains (Ontario) / Print




If you want a fine portrait in color or black and white....choose my studio portrait. Beautiful and crisp, making the eyes come out perfectly, this is great for actors or public persons but also a great gift to yourself. This includes a fine print on special paper and digital copies.

If desired, additional photoshopping available at 35 CAD per hour.


STRONG ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAIT  (eg. Entrepreneurs, Artists, Business owners) - 450 CAD

For this I will come to your company, atelier, shop or farm, and capture you in your familiar surroundings in style.

Excellent way to present yourself professionally to clients and express your business. In the image you and your chosen environment will tell a story of confidence and trust.

Tack sharp image made on location, using professional flash equipment. Capture time 1 hour plus preparation and post production. Digitally delivered (1 to 7 days), in different seizes if required.


hair/makeup artist if desired / travel costs if more than 50 km from Collingwood (Ontario) / Print


BOLD ATHLETIC PORTRAIT -  550 CAD (including large print)


"Can someone capture that special way I feel when I go through my highs and lows in my favorite sport?"

Yes, I can, and I love to do this! It’s based on my interview with you and how you have invested and succeeded in your athletic career. After this interview with you I will design a photographic setting that will not only capture you but also strongly reflect your passion and athletic effort. 

Backed up by a special location, flash equipment and additional post production, I create a bold image that represents the active you.

Digitally delivered (1 to 7 days) and 13 x 19 inch ( 30 x 45 cm!) print included (max 10 working days)

Excluding travel costs if more than 40 km from Collingwood.


DEDICATED MASTER PORTRAIT  -  1750 CAD  (Printed on exclusive paper and Framed)

This is the photograph that likely survives generations to come. It is a compassionate and personal portrait that combines life stories, interviews and personal spirit in one.

Born from my passion for individual stories, I compose what I see as an essential but also lightly theatrical statement of who you are. This might include costumes/dedicated clothing, make up, props and hairstyle and the use of a studio and photoshop creation. 

It will be printed on exclusive paper or canvas, and framed in harmony with the style, the light, the setting and overall message. Minimal seize approximately 22 inch (53,5 cm) width.

The portrait playfully combines history /art with modern psychology in a painterly way.

This is a unique acknowledgement for the stories of struggle and love of the life you lived so far: certainly a beautiful gift to yourself or your family!


Excluding travel costs if more than 75 km from Collingwood.

Due to the intensive production of this portrait, the completion may take between 3 to 6 weeks.