Tjalling with his wife Liesbeth.

Tjalling with his wife Liesbeth.

about Tjalling

Tjalling was born and raised in The Netherlands, where he spent most of his youth among the endless green fields and wide skies of the province Friesland. 

With his wife and two sons, he lived and worked 14 years on a Caribbean island. 

Then in the winter of 2015, the family moved to Canada and made a complete change of life.
In this new adventure in a new country, he took up the camera.
This gave a burst of inspiration and he finally gave in to to artist in him.
It allowed him to tell his stories, developing and discovering through this fascinating form of art.

Since he is passionate about so many things, he is working in multiple areas of photography up till now. On this website you will see images of this love affair with people, different characters, athletes, colours, nature and what he encounters on his personal journey. 

He has also put great amount of effort in education of technical skills and equipment, but Tjalling’s main focus is art: the creative process through photography